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Ravings of a Lunatic

They Only Allow Crayons in Here

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Kazzi la t00b
26 September 1985

That wasn't the first thing he said to her. The first thing was "I love you," because it's a good thing to say if you can mean it."
~From Neil Gaiman's American Gods

Hi, I'm Kazzi,

I'm a quasi-obsessive t00by fangirl with an addictive personality, rainbow socks and lots of glitter. I hoard books, write obsessively and deal with bad reviews a lot better than a certain Ms Rice.

I work in London in a large and mostly unoccupied office, where I drink coffee, eat vast quantities of sugar-free lollipops and play the soundtracks from various musicals as loudly as possible.

Occasionally I also work.

At some point in the next year my office, floor and entire building will be demolished in a time to be known as the 'Granting of the Planning Permission'. There's been a lot of building work done around the building over the past year, so we probably won't notice when they make the move into actual destruction.

I'm also a full-time Procrastinator; the pay sucks, but I love my hours.

I have many email accounts, but a ridiculous amount of spam, if you want to get hold of me leaving a comment somewhere interesting is usually a safe bet as they all get forwarded to my email account after varying lengths of LJ delays. Longest delay so far: 26 months.

Generally I reciprocally friend, but use filters, both reading and writing, which are updated periodically, or whenever I'm feeling neurotic, whichever comes first. Which usually, now I think about it, is the neuroses.

I would mock friend list politics here, but it does a good job of that itself. So, in the words of Aleister Crowley: " Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law".

This bio is updated at irregular intervals, check back at some point in the future and it may be updated but, equally, may not. It's kinda like Schrödinger on speed.

*snerk*, absolute holiness of fermatojam, aeneas is really evil, ancient greek, ancient mythology, andromeda, aragorn's diary, aristophanes, attacks by midgets-with-sporks, baileys, band of brothers, beaches, being greg's bitch, being happy, being-five-years-old, being-irrevocably-destined-for-that-special-hell, bic biros, biscuits and cookies, blu-tac, brian/justin, brighton, britain, chat00bage, chocolate biscuits, chupa chups, city lit, civil liberty, classics, coffee, conceptions of angels, confusing americans, conventions, crowley/aziraphale, cult of caffeine, côte d'or blanc noisette, david blaine victim support, daydreaming, defriendzzz, doctor who and torchwood, douglas adams, drinking games, drinking tea, eddie izzard, ericsson mobile phones, ewan mcgregor, falsifying statistics, fandom, fandoms that are sickandwrong, fanfiction, finding my immune system, fish and chips, ford prefect, ford/arthur, gay rights, glitter, glomping, gneil and pterry, good coffee, good omens, great and t00by loff, harry potter, hating friends list politics, having-the-best-friends-in-the-galaxy, hawaiian stuffed crust pizza, homosexuality, hot hot gay porn, hugs of d00m, humour, internet policing, invader zim, ireland, jedi-abusers, jelly, kate my wonderful fanartist, key west coolers, labyrinth, latin, listening to jellybabies talk, lollipops, london, london in the summertime, long island icedtea shop-[deceased], lord of the rings, loving my friends t00bily, luxury ice cream, m00se, marquis de carabas, matchbox twenty, melpomene, mocking david blaine mercilessly, mornington crescent, moulin rouge, mythology, not knowing latin subjunctives, not-being-affected-by david blaine's arseiness, nude bishounen, nutty christians, obsession, paperclip conspiricy, paperclips, pepsi max, pointless trivia, poking badgers with spoons, post-it notes, potential consumer of cookiedough, procrastination, proper irish coffees, punting, purple glitter power ranger, quantum leap, rainbow sinners, randomness, regressing to former fandoms, rome, sci fi, shakespeare, shiny things, shonen ai, sirius black, sith academy, slash, soybean bacon bits, sparkly glitter sith, squeezable clangers, st patricks day, star trek, star wars, stargate sg1, stolenzzz, street performance, t00b, t00bage, t00bing, the 2004-chat00bage-mornington-crescent varient, the british museum, the cult of kazzi, the iolausian library, the sith academy, the usual pairings, turnus is merely misunderstood, unbridled passionberry lip balm, watermelon-flavoured sugarfree chupachup lollipops, white belgian chocolate, whumping, wibbling, writing obsessively

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